1 March, 2020
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Wtf is going on in India? The Indian citizenship law, explained

Wtf is going on in India? Protests in India started after the government passed a law to grant citizenship to religious minorities from 3 neighboring countries: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Reminder. India’s neighboring countries are Muslim majority.

What religious minorities? Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs.This religious minorities from those 3 neighboring countries can now become Indian citizens.

The problem. It excludes Muslims.

Why are people protesting?

  1. Some fear that more immigrants could lead to cultural shifts.
  2. The United Nations and many in India are calling the law discriminatory. It’s unfair.
  3. Others fear the new law will lead to more job competition.
  4. Critics say the law is the latest effort by the Prime Minister to carry out his party’s Hindu nationalist agenda (see this).

What is India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying? 

You’re all wrong. The law is only for those who have faced years of persecution outside and have no other place to go except India.

Btw, Donald Trump defended Modi on the topic of religious freedom – and refused to speak out publicly against a contentious Indian citizenship law. The Indian citizenship law explained for dummies. India protests explained.

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    Fuck off Modi, you should do better. Thanks for posting this kind of staff I had no idea tbh.

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    That was really really helpful Idk why this is not a known page. You should do something about it

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