15 April, 2020
 Posted by Ac2ality

Why Trump suspended funding to World Health Organization

The story. President Trump said he’ll suspend all US funds to the World Health Organization (WHO) until the Trump admin reviews the org’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak (that’d be from 60 to 90 days).

Why? Trump’s blaming the WHO for…

  1. Not supporting travel bans. Reminder. In February, the WHO continued to advise against travel restrictions to places with COVID-19.
  2. Praising China for its strict lockdown measures. Trump says they’ve found that China underreported its confirmed cases and deaths.
  3. Trump says the WHO apparently helped cause a “20-fold” increase in cases worldwide and covered up the spread of the virus.

The problem.

The US is the largest contributor to the organization, providing more than $400 million last year.

The consequences.

Suspending funding in the middle of a pandemic could have negative consequences as the org has distributed test kits and is working on a vaccine.

What does the WHO do?

  • Provides leadership on matters critical to health.
  • Concentrates on its role in controlling and ultimately eliminating infectious diseases.
  • Improves access to medicines and health products.

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