14 April, 2020
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Bernie Sanders ideas, explained

Bernie Sanders latest news. Bernie Sanders has bowed out of the 2020 presidential race, clearing the path for Joe Biden to become the Democratic nominee and face off with Trump in the next general elections (november 2020). Bernie Sanders believes

Bernie’s ideas explained: 

  1. He is a democratic socialist: “We must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy”.
  2. College should be free. His $2.2tn plan to make college free would include paying off all student loans for some 45 million Americans, regardless of their income or assets, leading some critics to portray it as an unlikely socialist giveaway to the rich.
  3. The minumun wage should be doubled. It should be $15 per hour, up from $7.25.
  4. Free healthcare. This has been the main topic of debate among democrats. Sanders proposes that all Americans would receive government-run health insurance, which he says would cost about $30 trillion over a decade. However, it is unlikely to happen because, among other things, it’d be very difficult to dismantle all the current private system.
  5. Climate change is real. Sanders proposes a $16.3 trillion “Green New Deal” that he says would create 20 million jobs and pay for itself over 15 years, including through $3 trillion of taxes on oil companies.
  6. Anti-war. He is against wars in general and he was against the U.S invasion of Iraq.
  7. Break up Big Tech. “These corporate giants control too much,” Sanders has said of tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Google. He wants to break up the firms’ “monopoly” and subject them to anti-trust enforcement.
  8. More taxes (especially for the rich) to fund the universal healthcare.
  9. Critical of Israel but also “very proud of being Jewish”, he has said. “Israel is governed by a reactionary racist”. What Benie Sanders believes

What now? Bye bye Bernie.

Sanders is very popular among youngsters. But many  consider him too left-wing and a revolutionary. That might be the reason why he lost the democratic primary election. Bernie Sanders ideas explained

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