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Coronavirus death rate, explained. Different age cohorts have different vulnerabilities to Covid-19, but nobody’s risk is zero.  The chances of dying from Covid-19 vary widely across age groups:

  1. Kids (under 10 years old). Only a small number of children are requiring hospitalization and zero kids have died globally. In Spain, (with 28,600 total cases as of March 21 and 2,696 deaths), 34 out of the 129 cases among children 0 to 9 years old resulted in hospitalization, a rate of 26%; one child was put in the ICU (a 0.8% rate); and there have been no fatalities.
  2. Tweens and teens (10-19 years old). In Spain (with 28,600 cases), only one person in this group has died. China said that the 0.2% of cases of this group end in death.
  3. Young adults (20-29 years old). We are seeing a higher hospitalization rate among young adults compared to the teens directly behind them in age, and comparatively more of them wind up in the ICU. In Spain, 4 people died (0.3% death rate). However, Italy and South Korea have reported no deaths for this group.
  4. Adults (30-49 years old). Many people are being hospitalized but death rate is still low (approximately 0.3%). In Spain, out of 5,127 cases from this cohort, 1,028 people have been hospitalized, a 20% rate; 55 went to the ICU, a 1.1% rate; and 12 people ages 30 to 49 have died, a 0.2% fatality rate. Italy (0.3% death rate), China (0.2%), and South Korea (0.1%) have reported deaths in this age range.
  5. Almost old (50-69 years old). The risks grow (≅the 1.4% die), in part because they are more likely to have a preexisting medical condition. Almost half of Americans ages 55 to 64 have at least one preexisting condition.
  6. Seniors (+70 years old). People in this age group are the most likely to be hospitalized and to ultimately die during this pandemic. In Spain, out of 6,152 cases from this group, 3,388 people have been hospitalized, a 55% hospitalization rate; 199 went to the ICU, a 3.2% rate; and 705 people ages 70 and older have died, a 11.4% fatality rate.

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