1 April, 2020
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Trump’s plan to make Venezuela a democracy, explained

The story. The U.S. has outlined its plan to achieve democracy in Venezuela. Basically, Trump wants to hold new elections in which neither Nicolás Maduro nor Juan Guaidó can participate, and to create a new National Council and a new Supreme Court.

Reminder. Today, both Maduro and Guaidó claim to be Venezuela’s president. On the one hand, Russia, China and Cuba recognize and support Maduro. On the other, Europe, the U.S and most of Latin America support Guaidó.

Who is Guaidó? plan Venezuela democracy

Juan is the founder of the centrist party (Maduro’s opposition).

Why do they support Guaidó? Venezuela democracy 

They think Maduro is a dictator who brought Venezuela to the worst crisis and that he rigged the 2008 elections.

The problem.

The military supports Maduro. This makes it difficult to remove him from power.

What is the U.S saying? 

If Venezuela accepts the plan, the U.S will lift the sanctions.


Trump has been putting in place sanctions to harm Maduro’s government (e.g. prohibiting American companies from doing business with Venezuela).

Will Venezuela accept it?

It is unlikely. Maduro’s government has totally rejected the proposal: “Venezuela is a free, sovereign, independent and democratic country, which does not accept, and will never accept, any tutelage from any foreign government”. plan Venezuela democracy

This new strategy comes less than a week after the US accused Maduro and his aides of “narco-terrorism”, saying his country had flooded the US with cocaine to undermine the health of Americans.

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