29 January, 2020
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Trump’s peace plan for Israe & Palestine explained

The story. President Trump has unveiled his long-awaited peace plan for the Middle East. Trump says is a realistic two-state solution. But Palestinians don’t see it that way and have rejected the proposal.

A peace plan? Yes. The plan is the latest US effort to end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Reminder: Jews and Palestinians have been decades fighting for the same land.

Why? For Jews, the land of Palestine is the Promised Land– according to the Hebrew Bible is the land promised and subsequently given by God to Abraham, the founder of Judaism, and his descendants. Also, Britain promised “a national home for Jewish people”. I explain you the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict here.

So… after years and years of war, Palestine lost A LOT of land (Jews have been settling on Palestinian land -the West Bank).

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Trump’s new two-state solution plan.

  1. Israel: The plan recognizes Israeli settlements in the West Bank as well as uphold Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem.
  2. Palestine: the future Palestine would get a capital in eastern Jerusalem (physically separated from the rest of the city) and the 70% of the West Bank.

Critics. Critics say the plan mostly favors Israel and may bring more conflict to the Middle East.

What now? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved of the plan and said Israel will begin annexing the settlements almost immediately. Palestinians, however, have roundly rejected the plan.

By the way... the leaders of the US and Israel each face political hurdles in their own countries, with Trump’s impeachment trial and Netanyahu’s indictment and candidacy in Israel’s 3rd election in less than a year.

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