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THE REFUGEE CRISIS, EXPLAINED. Reminder. In 2015, many migrants and refugees fled to Europe, escaping the Syrian civil war. That influx of refugees slowed down when Europe reached a 2016 deal with Turkey to block refugees from entering Europe through Greece. In exchange? Money.


It seemed the Syrian war was over, as Syrian dictator al-Assad managed to defeat his opponents (aka the rebels). The problem is that a province of Syria is still under the rebels control and now, Syrian dictator is attacking it. As a result, 1 million Syrians fled to Turkey.


  • Turkish President Erdogan opened the border to let refugees in Greece. He says the EU isn’t giving Turkey enough money to support the roughly 4 million Syrian refugees.
  • Greece says it’s stopped more than 30,000 people from coming across the border, using things like tear gas.
  • Europe will pay 2,000 € to those in the refugee camps in Greece if they agree to return to their country within a month. The refugee crisis explained 

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