13 March, 2020
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The refugee and migrant crisis explained in 175 words

The story. Europe will pay 2,000 € to those in the refugee camps in Greece if they agree to return to their country within a month.

Reminder. In 2015, many migrants and refugees fled to Europe, escaping the Syrian civil war (explained here in 500 words). That influx of refugees slowed down when Europe reached a 2016 deal with Turkey to block refugees from entering Europe through Greece. In exchange? Money.

The migrant crisis today. 

The Syrian dictator al-Assad has been trying to retake the province of Idlib in the north of Syria. Reminder. Idlib is controlled by the rebels (Assad’s haters). The humanitarian crisis there has caused almost 1 million Syrians to flee toward Turkey.

The consequence.

Turkish President Erdogan opened the border to let refugees in Greece. He says the EU isn’t giving Turkey enough money to support the roughly 4 million Syrian refugees.

Greece says it’s stopped more than 30,000 people from coming across the border, using things like tear gas.

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