25 March, 2020
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The new Cold War, explained in 300 words

The new Cold War. China and the U.S are two great world powers, and both seek world hegemony. We can see the rivalry of these powers in the recent trade war and in their fight for 5G technology. Although it seemed that the two powers had already reached peace by signing the first phase of an agreement on the trade war last January, the coronavirus has opened a new battlefield between the U.S and China.

Coronavirus: the new battlefield.

In the first weeks after the closure of the city of Wuhan on January 23rd, China and the U.S already had an encounter. This was due to Donald Trump’s decision to ban foreigners who had been in China in the previous two weeks from entering US territory, and the cancellation of flights. China saw this as a manoeuvre by the US to try and gain an advantage over its rival country in its most vulnerable moments.

Later, tensions escalated. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman brought up the conspiracy theory that the U.S could have brought the virus to Wuhan. Since then, the theory that the US is behind the virus and that Trump has the vaccine has been gaining momentum in the country, in the official media and among the population.

Since then, Donald Trump has been referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”. Trump said talking like that “isn’t racist.” “I say chinese virus because it comes from China”. China hasn’t been entirely happy about it.

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What now?

China has expelled American journalists working for The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post in China. This comes after Trump announced earlier this month that he was going to limit the number of Chinese reporters on U.S soil.

The coronavirus has intensified the power struggle between the two powers. China and the U.S are both competing for public image, leadership in the face of the crisis and the creation of a vaccine. Meanwhile, China has defeated the virus and is helping other countries fight the disease.

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