18 December, 2019
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The impeachment process explained

The impeachment process.

US presidents can be kicked out from office  in case of these violations:

  1. Bribery
  2. Treason
  3. Other high crimes

How does it work?

  1. The House of Representatives believes the President has done some shit and begins investigating, submitting evidence of offences to a Judiciary Committee.
  2. If there is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing, the Judiciary sends articles of impeachment to the full house.
  3. The members of the House of Representatives vote and if the majority vote to impeach the President, the Senate takes over the case.
  4. There, 2/3rds need to approve the impeachment.

The problem.

Senate is controlled by Republicans (like Trump) so it is very unlikely that they vote to remove Trump.

The House of Representatives, on the other hand, is controlled by Democrats.

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    Thank you for explaining this I had no idea how it worked.

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    he blog was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Thanks

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