16 January, 2020
 Posted by Ac2ality

The entire Russian government is resigning!

The story. The entire Russian government is resigning. This is Russia’s prime minister Dmitry Medvedev and his entire cabinet.

What? Why? Because Russia’s President Vladimir Putin proposed sweeping changes to Russia’s constitution and called for a referendum on the changes.

What changes? Giving parliament the power to pick Russia’s next prime minister and the entire cabinet. Putin says these are democratic reforms.

Critics say “Bullshit”. Putin’s term ends in 2024, and he can’t run for president again (reminder: Putin’s been in a leadership role since 1999). But with the changes, Putin can lay the groundwork for parliament to potentially pick him as Russia’s next PM.

What now? Now, prime minister Dmitry is moving aside from his job to serve as head of Russia’s Security Council. Reminder: Dmitry is good friends with Putin. We don’t know what the purpose of this is, but many see it as Putin moving his allies where he needs them for a potential power grab when his presidency ends.

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