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Give me context… Saudi Arabia: Saudi Court sentenced 5 people  to death for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Three others were sentenced to jail terms totaling 24 years.

Who is Jamal? A journalist who wrote for The Washington Post. He was critical of the kingdom’s crown prince and government.

What many think. That the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered the killing. But the Saudi royal family denied this.

The problem. Court proceedings were closed to the public and the kingdom has refused to allow international investigators to work in the country…fishy…

Where was Jamal killed? Turkey. He visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain a Saudi document so that he could marry his Turkish fiancée.

What did Turkey say? That Jamal was suffocated by Saudi officials almost as soon as he entered the consulate, and that his body was destroyed.

What else? A United Nations special rapporteur concluded that Jamal was “the victim of a deliberate, premeditated execution, an extrajudicial killing for which the state of Saudi Arabia is responsible”.

What now? No one from the royal family was charged but Saudi’s  reputation is at stake.

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