8 November, 2019
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Why Medicare-for-all won’t happen soon

Give me context…“Medicare-for-all” has been the main topic of debate among democrats. However, it seems Medicare-for-all won’t happen anytime soon. The most well-known democrats supporting “Medicare-for-all” are Bernie Sanders and Elisabeth Warren.


Now, the U.S counts with a private health system: people pay health insurances to get treatment. Families pay around $1,168/month per family and there are 30 million people who don’t have any health insurance. There are some exceptions though: The U.S government pays for health insurance  for people with disabilities, old people (+65 years old) and some low-income families.

So what is Medicare-for-all? With this program, the government would have to pay medical treatments for all Americans. Yes, going to the doctor would be free. Yey!

Isn’t it like that in a lot of countries? Yes…

So why is Medicare-for-all so difficult to implement in the U.S and it won’t happen anytime soon?

  1. Money. Medicare-For-All could cost more than $34 billion over the next decade. This means taxes will go up.
  2. Cost. Government-run programs work well in the rest of the world because the cost of medical care delivery (what doctors and drug companies get paid is much less than in the U.S).
  3. Current system. It’d be very difficult to dismantle all the current system that has been running for years and years.
  4. Different opinions. Many people want to keep their private health insurance.

Btw…Republicans don’t like this “Medicare-for-all” plan.

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    I want Medicare for all tbh

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    This really answered my problem, thank you!

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