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Give me context… North Korea has been building up its nuclear weapons for years. It is a major security threat and the United Nations and the U.S imposed sanctions in North Korea to ‘hurt’ its economy (i.e. trade bans). Now, North Korea wants a deal before the end of 2019.

What deal? 

Last year, Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un agreed to figure out a deal in which the U.S would ease up on sanctions and North Korea would give up its nuclear weapons and facilities. Also, Kim has asked Trump to take out U.S troops from South Korea. Reminder: U.S troops are there since the Korean War (1950-53). I explain you here why.

The problem.

Talks stalled and Kim has warned the US of a possible “Christmas gift” if they don’t reach a deal.

Trump, be careful! 

In 2017, North Korea tested a missile capable of hitting the entire US.

North Korea referred to it as an Independence Day “gift” to the US.

What now? North Korea has confirmed it had carried out a test. Experts think it could pave the way for North Korea to launch a satellite or intercontinental ballistic missile within weeks.

Trump is saying. 

I warn you Kim, don’t throw away what you have.

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