1 May, 2020
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Coronavirus: The Origin Theories, explained

There are huge speculations going on about how the coronavirus originated.

  1.  The most supported theory says the virus originated in a Chinese market in Wuhan after an animal passed it to humans (most likely bats). This might be true, as many people who first had it had been in that market.
  2. The virus could have been engineered in a lab as a bioweapon (maybe China or the US want to destroy humanity, who knows). This allegation has been repeatedly dismissed by scientists, who note that studies show the virus originated naturally.
  3. It originated as an accidental release from a Chinese lab. The institute in Wuhan had been studying coronaviruses for years, and had done research on bats (whose DNA is in the virus that causes COVID-19). The US had flagged potential safety concerns with the lab two years ago. And the lab is close to where the first cluster of cases emerged. But officials there deny it came from them. And China isn’t giving outside experts access. President Trump isn’t happy.

It’s important to know where the virus came from to help prevent similar outbreaks. But in this case, experts warn we may never learn the answer.

The virus has led to a new Cold War between China and the US. Coronavirus: The Origin Theories, explained

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  1. Fatima

    I believe the 2nd one is the correct one tbh…

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