13 December, 2019
 Posted by Ac2ality

Conservative Party win large majority in the UK. What’s next?

Give me context… UK voters just gave Conservative PM Boris Johnson a major show support. It’s been the best showing for the Conservative Party in more than 30 years and the worst for the opposition Labour Party in more than 80.

What does this mean for Brexit? That it might actually happen soon. Johnson had run on a campaign to “get Brexit done.”

What is the Labour Party saying? They blamed Jeremy Corbyn personally for the loss. He says he won’t be leading the party into the next election.

What we don’t know yet.

  1. What will be the terms of the new free trade deal with the EU, US, Japan, China…
  2. Where the pound will go, and thus how inflation might move.

What now? Boris will probably push for a vote in the reshuffled House of Commons before the end of the year to pass his Brexit deal.

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