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Kanye West breaks down during emotional presidential campaign launch

Kanye West held his first campaign event in South Carolina on Sunday night. It was equal parts bizarre and uncomfortable.

George Floyd’s protests turned violent

Watch how protests against police brutality and racism turned violent. Violence has erupted in cities across the US on the sixth night of protests...

How the stock market works, explained

What is the Stock Market? How does it work? The Stock Market, explained for dummies. Understand the stock market in 2 minutes.

Watch how TikTok teens trolled Trump’s campaign!

Watch how TikTok teens trolled Trump's campaign!!! President Trump didn't fill his rally arena to the more than 19,000-person capacity Saturday night, despite bragging about...

Palestine vs Israel (1900-2020), the conflict explained

This video summarises the Israeli-Palestinian conflict since the 1900s. Very simple. As always.

Must Read

Mauritius oil spill: Fears vessel may ‘break in two’

It is the biggest environmental disaster Mauritius has ever faced. 

Russia, the first country to register a vaccine for Covid-19

Putin claims that the vaccine is safe and passed all the necessary checks. One of his daughters is said to have already received the vaccine.

Beirut explosion: What happened and what is the problem?

A warehouse with over 2,750 metric tons of a fertilizer called Ammonium Nitrate exploded.

Wtf is going on with TikTok and Microsoft?

US tech giant Microsoft has confirmed that it is continuing talks to purchase the US operations of Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok.

Why Trump suggests delay US presidential election

Donald Trump has suggested November's presidential election be postponed, saying increased postal voting could lead to fraud and inaccurate results.

Tech CEOs testify to Congress at antitrust hearing

The US’s top tech bosses were told they have “too much power”, are censoring political speech, spreading fake news and “killing” the engines of the American economy, at a combative congressional hearing on Wednesday.
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