3 November, 2019
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Brexit: Britain’s early election explained

Give me context on Britain’s early election… British PM Boris Johnson proposed a new deal for Brexit whereby the UK would have to leave Europe by October 31st (guess what, did not happen). Europe accepted the deal but the UK Parliament asked for more time to analyze it. But Boris is desperate and wants Brexit now.

So what did he do? 

He called for an early general election (December the 12th). He needs the support of Parliament for this to happen. He got it.

Why would he call for an early election?

If he wins the election (and he believes he will), it will demonstrate that people want to move forward with his plan, and therefore, easier to ratify.

The main parties for election.

  1. Conservative Party: Boris Johnson wants to pass his deal and leave Europe ASAP.
  2. Labour Party: Jeremy Corbyn proposes another deal different from Boris’ deal.
  3. Liberal Democrats: They pledged to cancel Brexit if they win power at the next election.
  4. Scottish National Party: They want an independent Scotland that is amember of the EU.
  5. Brexit Party: They want the UK to leave the EU without a deal (this is a hard Brexit).
  6. Democratic Unionist Party: They want the UK to leave the EU but don’t like Boris’ deal.

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