29 October, 2019
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Brexit: Boris Johnson’s new deal explained

Give me context… Since the UK decided to leave Europe, they’ve been trying to reach a deal on how this ‘exit’ is to be established. The deal proposed by former PM Theresa May was rejected 3 times by the British Parliament (we explained you why). Now, the new PM Boris Johnson has proposed a new deal.

Why is it so hard to reach a deal?

Because of the issue of Northern Ireland & Ireland. After a 30-year war between them, they agreed (in 1998) that

  1. Northern Ireland would remain part of the UK and that
  2. An open border would be established between Northern Ireland and Ireland. This means that goods and people can move freely.

The problem. With Brexit, Northern Ireland would also have to leave the European Union, which means that a ‘hard border’ between Ireland and Northern Ireland might be established.

So? A lot of people don’t like that. Many people cross the border every day for work and it would break the 1998 agreement.

So what’s Boris plan?

Instead of establishing customs at the border of Northern Ireland and Ireland, it’d be established across the sea between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In practice, goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain would pay no tariffs as long as they aren’t at risk of going into Ireland (part of the EU). A joint EU/UK Committee will be set up to decide exactly which goods that would apply to.

Btw… Except for the Irish border thing, Boris’ deal is basically the same as Theresa May’s deal:  they would have to pay the EU 39$ billion for leaving and the rights of EU citizens living in the UK will be protected.

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