17 April, 2020
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Bill Gates, blamed for the coronavirus pandemic

The story. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder has reportedly become the No. 1 target of coronavirus conspiracy theorists.

Reminder. In a 2015 speech, Bill Gates warned that the greatest risk to humanity was not nuclear war but an infectious virus that could threaten the lives of millions of people.



In posts on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, he is being falsely portrayed as the creator of Covid-19, as a profiteer from a virus vaccine, and as part of a dastardly plot to use the illness to cull or surveil the global population.

It went viral.

The conspiracy theories involving Gates and the virus had been mentioned 1.2 million times on social media and TV broadcasts.

Gates vs Trump.

Gates has been an outspoken about the coronavirus pandemic, calling for a nationwide shutdown in the US and criticizing President Donald Trump’s decision to halt funding to the World Health Organization. 


Gates’ philanthropic organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has pledged $250 million toward fighting the coronavirus pandemic, including developing and manufacturing a vaccine.

Mr. Gates declined to be interviewed.

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